Through our collaborative agencies, organization, professional mental health professional and spiritual advocates we seek to refer individuals  to counseling and supportive services for victims of sexual abuse, rape or domestic violence. We seek to offer assistance in domestic life skills training, social coping skill-sets, employment assessment/training and their personal development & spiritual wellness.

Survivors of abuse may have intense, negative feelings long after the abuse has ended. Anxiety, flashbacks, and trust issues are common in people who have experienced abuse.


Clients are asked to attend support workshops:

Workshop One (W1), Consist of a 5-30-day rest and relaxation period for mind and body preparation. This will give our client time to draw from their inner strength through spiritual guidance. In this tier we will conduct a non-clinical suicide risk screening assessment and introduce the 12-step program designed to enhance one’s faith and relationship with God.

Workshop Two (W2) Focuses on the continuance of spiritual guidance through a less lenient 12-step program and providing basic services for lifelong necessities and quality of life… life skills. The 12 Step program is a proven method as an identification marker to determine the direction an individual could go to achieve life-long success. This program will help the individuals face their fears and tear down walls that can keep them from living a successful future.

Workshop Three (W3) Incorporates our referral to industry counseling service professionals for evaluation, guidance, and preparation. This gives the individuals time to decide what direction they would want to go in along with plans for longevity.

Workshop Four (W4) This workshop will provide individuals with the necessary assistance in completing paperwork and applications for admissions into various programs and how to gain the resources needed.

Workshop Five (W5) This Workshop shifts gears to start On the Job Training (OJT) within various collaborative companies who provide training classes to achieve educational and job placement assistance to help individuals to achieve their personal goals.

Workshop Six (W6) This workshop brings everything together in accumulative activities in celebration of reviewing essentials implementation of learned skills.

Service truck: we will travel throughout the central region consisting of:

AREA Days Times Location – TBD
Newport Beach Monday 10am-1:30pm
Huntington Beach Monday 2pm – 5:30pm
Seal Beach Tuesday 10am-1:30pm
Westminster Tuesday 2PM – 5:30PM
Fountain valley Wednesday 10am-1:30pm
Costa Mesa Wednesday 2PM – 5:30PM
Garden Grove Thursday 10am-4:00pm (anyone)
Santa Ana Friday 10am-1:30pm
Tustin Friday 2PM – 5:30PM

Providing clients with services including: access to shelter or motel assistance as well as basic needs such as food, hygiene gift packs, clothing and shoes if needed, Bus and gas vouchers assist in mental and physical healthy choices, along with information for additional available supportive services in the community.

Ranch development: home for youth 2-3 meals per/day giving residents a healthy diet rich in whole foods to minimizing processed foods and creating a safe sleeping quarters.