You Were Created For My Glory

One thing I have come to realize is that our lives is designed for others to live. If we look deep within ourselves we will see that we are a blessing to be a blessing to others. Knowing that God will speak to us through visions and dreams guiding us along the way, if we only open our hearts to receive.

“Love like you never been hurt”

This is so important to me because my hurt has become my greatest passion, my greatest self worth. My pastor wrote a book “love like you’ve never been hurt” Jentezen and Cherise Franklin. This book and Sundays message made me realize my suffering had nothing to do with me but the people God has assigned to my life. You have to love like it never happened because the price to carry such a load isn’t worth the heart ache or lasting effects. Forgive letting go and trusting in God. I thank God for my Pastor, along with Pastor Benny Hinn and Pastor Javon for giving me the opportunity to serve.